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David Trahan
Executive Director’s Report
by David Trahan
March/April 2016 - Coalition Building
January/February 2016 - “Right to Shoot” Legislation Crucial to Insuring our Future
Several Controversial Bills Remain Unresolved
November/December 2015 - SAM celebration, new initiatives
September/October 2015 - Land for Maine’s Future Still in Jeopardy
July/August 2015 - Legislative Update
May/June 2015 - Legislative Update
March/April 2015 - The State of SAM

Cathy DeMerchant
SAM Board President’s Corner
by Cathy DeMerchant
January/February 2016 - Park Push Takes a Different Approach
November/December 2015 - Banquet recap
September/October 2015 - Full Speed Ahead
July/August 2015 - Hello, and Happy Summer (finally)!
May/June 2015 - Hello, and Happy Spring!

Gerry Lavigne
Notes from the Shooting Shack
by Gerry Lavigne
Coyote Pipeline
Of Coyotes and Parrots
Coyotes by the Numbers - I Think We’re Gaining on ’Em
Biology of the Eastern Coyote in Maine
Taking a Shine to Coyotes
Dim and Dimmer - What Happens When You Exceed Your Equipment’s Capability?

Bob Noonan
Notes from the Trapping Shed
by Bob Noonan
Catch ’Em with Beaver Castor
Checking Empty Traps
Lynx Exclusion Devices and the ITP
Please Don’t Shoot Our Trapped Furbearers!
Woodchuck Woes – Part II
Woodchuck Woes – Part I
Spring Beaver

Gerry Lavigne
Notes from the Field Biologist
by Gerry Lavigne
SAM’s Wildlife Seed Mix: I think we’re onto something good!
Skullduggery Over the Deer Woods of Northern Maine?
The Deer Rut from a Biologist’s Perspective
Butcher It Right!
Antler Point Restrictions: Not the Best Prescription for Maine
Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) Funding: Potential Tool for Northern Maine Deer Yard Management
Gosh, I Never Saw That Deer Coming! Aren’t Most Deer and Moose Vehicle Collisions Preventable?

Steve Vose
The Rabid Outdoorsman
by Steve Vose
Spring Fishing the Grand
Hard Water Time!
How to Sit in the Woods
An “Extreme” Bear Hunt
How to Hook a Kid on Fishing
May and June have this Sportsman Talking Turkey
Hunting the Snowshoe Hare

Bob Howe
The Veteran Connection
by Bob Howe
Veterans First Annual Snowmobile Trail Grooming School
The Action TrackChair
SAM Veteran Program Progress
Adaptations for the Handicapped Sportsman
The SAM Veteran Member Program
Joshua Chamberlain: Maine’s Civil War Hero
Finding Inspiration

Operation Game Thief
Maine Operation Game Thief (OGT)
by Greg Sirpis
Become a Friend of Operation Game Thief
Happy New Year!
A Year of success and growth
Unity College Leads the Way
Banner Year

Landowner Relations
Leave no Trace
by Rick Laflamme

Featured Article
Coyotes Kill Two Beagles in China; Third Dog Survives
as told to David Trahan

Coyotes: “Natural Born Killers” or “Song Dogs”?
by David Trahan

That Elusive Buck
by Ginny Hurley

Billionaires Buying Maine’s Ballot (Again)
by Jeff W. Zimba

Guest Editorial
Obama’s Gun Measures
by V. Paul Reynolds

Maine Hunters for the Hungry
by Jason Hall

SAM News Briefs
Safe Hunting Seasons Continue to be Norm
MYFGA Snowshoe Goal Met
Maine to Host 2016 National 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor Training
Hunting for Shed Moose Antlers

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